Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well, I published my first novel this year. Since this is something I've been thinking about for years, it feels amazing to finally have done it. But, now comes the thing that every writer dreads-how to be successful at writing.
I've read several articles about authors who started out self-published and in just a few short months managed to sell thousands of copies and be pretty much set. I keep thinking-why not me? But, I'm not the kind of person that sells stuff or even brags about accomplishments. Mostly I just count something as done and move on. So, how can a person like that get their writing out there when most of writing is advertising and bugging people until they pick up your book and flip through the pages. Nowadays, it's impossible to find time to read books let alone write them so it amazes me how many authors I've encountered since I started all of this. So far, I've found that fellow authors make the best readers and reviewers because they know the struggle that goes into every single sentence. Some days, you sit down and write fifty pages and it's like no time has passed and other days you sit down and slave over three pages. Who knows why?
A few of my family and friends have purchased my novel and read it. I've gotten feedback ranging from "It was very hard to put down" to "Oh, it was interesting. It wasn't very long." I'm just grateful to have readers and I'm definitely happy that the people in my life chose to read my work when I know they've got other things they need to do, but I can't help feeling disappointed when I get any kind of negative feedback. I guess that's just a character flaw.
Anyone else have similar struggles with their writing career? Share some of your stories with me so I know I'm not alone.
Until then, take care.

Roxanne Hunter

P.S. I do intend to start promoting my work locally. I've done a little bit but I intend to dive into it completely. I hope it helps.